Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween and Christmas

Before I write this I must first stand here and ask that no one get offended or upset.  This is just something that has been boiling on my heart and the Lord won't let me get around this topic.  This topic is not aimed at any specific person although Satan will make sure and cause a stink about it because it does expose him for what he is and what he has succeeded in doing.  With all that being said here it goes.
We have just finished a holiday that this world celebrates and that I personally hate.  I hate it because it celebrates Satan and the occult.  The world knows this and so do Christians the line was always drawn there.  However lately more and more Christians seem to think it is harmless and what could be the harm in Tricker Treating.  The answer is simple it still is a celebration for Satan and his demons.  Think not go ask some of the Satan worshippers (better yet you had better not), or true believers in witchcraft.  They will all tell you that Halloween is when the strangest and most powerful things happen. 
So why am I upset well these kinds of Christians that I am talking about will then turn around and cry out about how Christians celebrate Christmas as being of the world.  You know with Christmas trees and gift giving and stuff like that.  Except first they are being a hipocrite and are showing that they don't know there history.  They are also playing right into Satan's hands.  They are aiding Satan in doing something very evil.  I have already stated why Halloween should not be celebrated, but is how we celebrate Christmas wrong as well. 
Let's take a look at the history shall we.  First Christmas celebrates the birth of our Savior, who was born to die for our sins and without that we could never have been saved.  So that is Satan's first trick get Christians to not want to celebrate Christmas at all.  Make it look like a worldly holiday, but without a Christmas there could not be an Easter.  Second let's look at the Christmas tree.  Well yes in the Bible it does tell about a group who worshiped the tree in the old testament.  It never tells what kind of tree though and I kinda doubt it was an evergreen, but it might have been.  Let me ask you though does the world know of this tradition and is it still practiced today yes it is called going green or tree huggers and has nothing to do with Christmas trees.  Before Germany gave the U.S. the gift of the Christmas tree Christians used evergreen boughs to decorate, because the evergreen is the symbol of everlasting life (evergreens don't die in the winter).
What about gifts then?  That is a good question that is also brought about by these same Christians.  If it is Jesus birthday why do we get gifts?  The giving of gifts to others is to remind us and others of the GREATEST GIFT God Gave us.  By the way did you know that is salvation being showed another words what an opportunity to witness about what God has given us.
Another thing these Christians have done is taught their children that Santa Clause is Satan Clause and when people come up like they normally do to there children these Christians are proud when after asked if Santa is going to visit them.  The child blatanly says well he is Satan Clause.  Oh, how sad to hear this.  They have unknowingly helped push that person farther away from the very truth of God's love and gift. 
So what about Santa, and frosty and his friends.  I am glad you asked.  They are fairy tales pure and simple and to tell your children the truth of such is not wrong.  Boy what a testamony for that same little boy or girl who when asked if they are excited about Santa Clause to look at that person and say oh I'm excited about Baby Jesus who came and to die for everyone's sin.  I get to go to Heaven because of that gift.  If some of you are thinking your little one couldn't say that.  Remember the saying out of the mouths of Babes and sucklings.
Again I hope no one is offended.  Next week we will be talking about Thanksgiving (I hope)