Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Perfect Gift

Here it is again another Christmas come and gone.  Here is a Holiday wake up call to all those Scrooges and Grinches.  I heard today of all days of some tragedies around the holidays and of all the stress.  Then I remember of some churches and see some who condemn Christmas as a pagan holiday and never show the world the true reason for the season.  I understand that we were not asked when we should celebrate Christ birth cause if we Baptist were asked we would have said with all our knowledge it was in June or July of course cause WE said so.  *Hint no one can say what month he was born in.  It matters little that the world has actually observed this holiday when Satan would love nothing better than to destroy it.  HEY CHRISTIANS we are missing the opportunity to show what Jesus wants us to show year round.  Love, Compassion, and Respect for our fellow man.  It is time that we share the joy of this holiday in the spirit in which God himself did.  Christ could have simply, and quitely came into the world with no fan fare, but then the world would not have noticed or cared (yeah Satan would have loved that), but God put a special star for all to see and find the child not just for the wise men, but for all throughout the generations all have been called to the hope of salvation.  God sent special heavenly messengers to sing and tell the glorious news of the birth to the lowest of all people, poor shepherds watching sheep.  That to show all is welcome to be told of the glorious news "all may come and be saved"  rich, poor, young, or old.  We can not physically give birthday presents to Jesus, but we can surly do the next best thing then.  What is that you might ask?  Simply put we can share a gift with someone else and lift them up when they are down.  Tell them the GLORIOUS, WONDERFUL NEWS THE SAVIOUR IS BORN.  Well then believers shouldn't give gifts to believers.  Wrong Christ also lifted up His followers and showed love to all.  Without a birth there could be no death.  With no death there could be no resurrection.  With no resurrection there would be no salvation.  Think about it the next time you want to open you mouth and show YOUR wisdom, then ask God to forgive you and ask for HIS wisdom, HIS words and then watch GOD BLESS.

Merry Christmas!