Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Challenge

I recently was reading one of my favorite blogs when a Fall Challenge was given.  What a neat idea huh.  I often read in the bible how we are to make our homes  a haven of rest for our husbands and children, but often I fall short of where I want to be.  Proverbs 14:1 says "Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands."  While I may think my attitude and what I do around the house really doesn't seem to matter to my husband.  The bible tells a different story.  I am to be building a haven, a safe and happy home for my family.  Our children and husbands long to see a clean, happy home and wife and mother.  "Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice."  Things can never make you happy and sometimes you must look for the joy in the small things.  After all we live in a sin crazed world, but the Lord never said it would be easy.  The Lord did say that He would be our strength when we needed it .  He would be our joy and our hope.  Yes, I have found that there are a whole lot of things to worry about (one of my sins that easily besets me), but look for the joy.  Seek it out like rare rubes.  One of those places I love to look for my joy is in the word of God and the faces of my loving husband and adoring, goofy children.

So, this first week of the fall challenge is to go find an extra large candle and light it everyday in your home.  I usually start mine every morning on my desk where we home school and in the kitchen.  Each time the candle catches your eye, say a prayer for peace in your home.  I hope you will all join me in doing this fall challenge and let me know how it works out for you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Here a Chick there a Raccoon?

Wow!  What was suppose to be a nice, quite Sunday afternoon turned out to be a loud and exciting afternoon.  My best laying hen was killed by a Raccoon. 

I was just in the beginning of a nap when
Dennis came in and tells me that the Raccoon was in the hen house.  So here we were no gun and the only gun was 13 minutes away.  Anyway our mighty hunters finally arrived and killed the big, bad raccoon.