Monday, December 14, 2009

One Small Step Forward, One Giant Step Back

Here I am and the Lord has once again put on my heart to type.  You know He must know me really well cause I am not a bit tired.  Anyway when I last wrote I had a mess with some cookies and I thought I had really learned that it is better to laugh at yourself then to let my children see me angry over some dumb, burnt cookies.  Well guess what, Sunday morning guess who comes to visit the Olinger household.  Yep you guessed it that Old Pain in my backside Satan and a going on teenager.  I blew my cool over something somewhat important (confused yet).  Well not to embarus this going on teenager, but it was something daddy and mom failed to teach, because after all we are human too.  Tonight I began to think about all this and a thought came to mind and heart.  How many times do we stand back after we have learned something and think WOW, I have REALLY LEARNED THIS only to find out that our Heavenly Daddy is there holding us up from behind and smiling at us cause we gained that much needed convidence.  Then we go into that two year old mood (admit it we are all children at heart at least in God's eyes) and we say "I dode it meself" and then ~ SPLAT ~  Well don't get discouraged eventually we'll get there, but I have a feeling that it will be when we get to go home.