Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How to make your Debit Card Behave Online

What a difference a purchase on a computer can make!  In one short click of the mouse a game that should have cost me $15.94 ended up costing me $122.00.  Yep you read that right the first time.  The next thing I see is my bank balance goes from having plenty in it to those negative numbers.  So I thought I would post some of the tips that I have learned if I ever buy anything online again.

Tip # 1:  Go to Wal-mart and purchase a gift card and put the amount of the purchase on there.  That way they can only take what is on the that card instead of messing up your bank account.

Tip # 2:  If the site doesn't have https:// it is not a secure site.  This means anyone can and usually will take advantage.  I checked this one out myself.  I went to wal-mart's website and I placed an item in the online cart.  I then went into the cart and sure enough the s at the end of https:// came up.

Tip #3:  Always look for the customer service phone # and call it before you place the order.  That way you know that if there is a problem there is a live person on the other end that can help.