Friday, December 11, 2009

Trouble with Cookies


Some of you are reading this thinking "SHE'S NUTS, why on earth is she showing this BIG, BAD MISTAKE."  Well I am glad you asked.  It is 10:57 PM and I am trying to get a jump on some Christmas baking.  I followed  the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to a T.  I even got to try out my little cookie scooper so the cookies would be the perfect size for the cookie plate wreath for tomorrow night's Christmas party at church.  I put them in the oven for 10 min. and I check on them at 5 min. everything was ok.  I then took them out at the sound of the timer and volia the first batch ruined.  I am not too upset after all maybe with my oven you needed a shorter time so in goes the second batch for 8 min. and again disaster.  I am a little frustrated at this point, but being a gluton for punishment I try for the last time and end up taking them out after 6 min.  I am very frustrated at this point, but I realize one of two things could happen here.  I could cry (thought about it),  I could get angry (have in the past) and stay that way all night and in the morning.  Then I came up with an idea.  Humility and a lesson.  I don't know what caused my cookies to turn out this way and I can't figure out what I did wrong, but after I die my children can remember the fit I threw over some dumb cookies or they can see their Mommy and Daddy in the morning when Daddy is being his normal, fun loving teaser and mommy thinking about sending him to Abu dhabi, as Garfield would say.  Smile if this is the only bad thing that has happen today count your blessings.  Giggles to follow.