Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be Vigilant

I would like to point out before I go any further that I believe firmly that women are to train, teach, and guide younger women and that men are the head of the home and church.  This blog was and is intended solely for the purpose of doing just that to train, teach, and guide young women, wives, and mothers.  This blog also is for the author, which is me, to sometimes vent out what God is teaching me in my heart.  With all that being said I will begin.

I Peter 5:8 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."  As I look at this verse I see that we are to be sober (sound minded, to do one's duty, be moderate, self-controlled, thoughtful, and to learn to make wise decisions and judgments).  We are to be vigilant (on guard, ready, prepared through prayer and reading God's word).  We do those two things because of our enemy.  If you are a child of God you have an enemy his name is Satan and he does have an army.  Lately I have been hearing so much on the topic of bullying, cyber bullying, and children getting killed or hurt by it.  I have heard about our identity is in danger.  Well Christians wake up your enemy is attacking.  It is time that us seasoned Christians start teaching these baby Christians to live the word of God.  We are always ready to seemingly to force people to come to church, get saved, and then right away we tell them they HAVE to be baptized.  Is this wrong?  I say yes for these simple reasons, biblical reasons.  First unless the spirit is leading or drawing them to be saved they can't be saved.  Secondly, after they are saved the Lord then leads you (NOTICE I said the Lord will lead you to baptism).  Yes we can show them and tell them that the next step according to the word of God is baptism, but as I have started to see you must let that choice be theirs and theirs alone.  Our job as christians is relatively simple.  We are to be a witness not just on Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, Wednesday Night and oh yes forced door to door salesmen, we are to be a LIVING, BREATHING, 24 HOUR A DAY, 7 DAY A WEEK CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.  After a child is born I doubt very seriously if a good mother leaves that child to fend for themselves.  Never to again to love, nurture and raise that child of course not the child would die soon after birth, but that is exactly what we are doing to these new Christians we are forcing them to comply to what we believe, instead of teaching them to live in this new life and new world according to how God would have them be.

Sunday, May 16, 2010