Thursday, March 3, 2011

My New Dishwasher

As I read in the bible I have found that many if not most of the ladies in the bible had some sort of servants in there home.  Maidservants, manservant here a servant there a servant every where a servant which lead me to ask the Lord a very important question.  Where was my servants?  Okay, admit it you have thought that too ladies.  I know that I am not the only mom or wife who has asked that question.  Let me tell ya, there are no questions that the Lord will not answer in His timing.  I read a little while ago from a wise lady that God has indeed given us women today servants they are called the washer/dryer, dishwasher, sink/faucets, electric, and many more that escape my thinking right now.  Seriously think about how handy those things are and how convenient they have made our lives and housewives.  I have been without my dishwasher now for a few months.  It decided that it had had enough and decided to give up the ghost so to speak.  Now all it does is sit around and collect dust.  My well meaning husband would always say well we all need to pitch in and help you keep up with the dishes, but I could never bring myself to let him or the children help me.  But, it was driving me out of my tree cause dirty dishes would pile up faster than I was able to keep up.  So finally after much begging from my children and the overwhelming desire to have my kitchen kept clean I finally got another dishwasher.  Not one but two dishwashers they are both a little older model than I am use to but boy are they really cute.

Yep their a keeper would you say.

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Adorable Children.....