Monday, February 21, 2011

Women Living Well Blog: Facebook and Inappropriate Relationships

Lately, I have been following a blog called Women Living Well.  I must admit that I have been torn on whether to even bring up this blog, because she definatly does not use the same version of the bible as me.  However with that  being said and me stating that I am a FIRM, let me repeat that a FIRM believer in the King James Bible I have found a lot of things that I totally agree with her on.  This lastest issue that she  has brought up is something that has been brought up several times and in several ways to me.  Some people are totally for facebook and some are totally against it.  Some have seen the cruel reality of what facebook can and has brought about in others lives and some have seen good friendships grow.  I am going to link this ladies blog to mine.  It is something I definatly want all my friends and family to see.  I will later post what I have decided about facebook.  NOTE:  This is not aimed at anyone, but like all good topics this one needs to be addressed.  To Repeat this is NOT aimed at anyone, just some of my own thoughts and views.

Please click the link below to read the following article.

Women Living Well Blog: Facebook and Inappropriate Relationships: "I have been a Facebook user for over 2 years. I thoroughly enjoy connecting with everyone and daily I visit Facebook to catch up on what is ..."

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