Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Donuts

I can't believe it how easy it was to make homemade donuts.  I had never tried it and thought it would be difficult, but they turned out pretty easy and fast.  First I used regular biscuits and pushed a hole in them with the end of a knife.  I then heated up some grease in my electric skillet much like a deep frier and put the biscuits in there and waited till they were a deep brown and flipped them and browned the other side.  I then took them out and placed them in a ziplock bag of sugar and shook the bag real well to coat the donuts.  Viola!  DONUTS.


1. Use any brand of biscuits

2.  Poke a hole in the center of the biscuit.

3.  Heat up a bunch of grease in your electric skillet and then throw the biscuits in the hot oil.

4.  Put some sugar in a zip lock bag and set it aside.  When donuts are finished put in the sugar filled zip lock bag and shake.

5.  VIOLA`


Wagahoff said...

GOOD JOB KIMBERLY!! Your bringing some for sunday school right?

Kimberly said...

Hey that is a good idea maybe.

Rosanne said...

Kimberly I used to make these all the time for my kids and for the babysitting kids. I will have to think about making some for the grandkids. Just had not thought of them for a while

Kimberly said...

AAAhhh Rosanne I am so glad to see you. Yes they have become a favorite with the kids.