Saturday, August 25, 2012

21 Days of Drinking Nothing but Water the end

Some of you have asked if I completed my goal of drinking nothing but water for 21 days and the answer is I DID!  I am soo proud of myself.  When others said I could not do it in my heart I secretly thought I couldn't either.  But what an AWESOME GOD we serve.  I now know that if I put my whole heart into something and God has given His approval there is nothing I can't do.  I know I was going to write those 21 days but I soon found if I simplly focused on the task that I could do it better.  My next goal is to go back onto and start counting my calories.  I have found that I can loose 10 pounds it i really try.  I am going to set a time limit for myself and see how much I can loose in that amount of time.  Also some have asked if I went back to drinking soda and the answer is yes, but I have also found that it does not control me like it once did.  I am also finding that I love the taste of cold, cold ice water with lime and lemon in it.  Praise the Lord and to Him be the glory.