Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Blessed Week

Today I sit here to say that I am a blessed woman.  I have an awesome, well adjusted, sometimes humorous family.  I have two children you have claimed the Lord as their Savior and one who the Lord has called to be a Preacher.  I have a husband who is strong, loving, at times very rotten (in a good teasing way) and full of laughter.  I have a job that I love that allows me to work from home and raise my children.  I have a husband who allows me to stay home and raise them.  I have a church family who loves me and I love them each and everyone of them.  I have a family who loves me and cares for me and my family.  I have a husband who goes out in the cold, heat, snow or rain to make a good living for his family and brings home the bacon so to speak.  I am really a spoiled rotten woman if you stop and think about it.  I have a Lord and Savior who knowing who and what I was, still loved me enough to save me and make me one of His children.  I am truly and utterly B-L-E-S-S-E-D.

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