Thursday, November 12, 2009

Will You Let The Alter Alter Your Life?

This poem was written by my me on June 7th,  2001

Will you let the Alter alter your life or will you run and hide?  Jesus is knocking upon some doors tonight.  Some are fearing Oh, not yet, you see I am to dirty.  Others are saying not today maybe someday.  Some day may never come.  Won't you come while He's calling for you.  One day the calling won't come.

Some of His children are sitting in these pews.  Will you let the Alter alter your life too?  Jesus is calling His wayward child home.  He is saying come get closer to me.  Come get right with me.  I have never moved from where you left me.  Come start praying for souls to be saved.  Get right with your brothers and sisters.  My arms are open to thee.

So this plea is made, the call goes out.  Won't you let the Alter, alter your life.

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