Sunday, February 28, 2010

To Tell the Truth Is It Really That Hard!!??

I wish to start out by saying that I am NOT angry with my husband or the dear, wonderful friend who pick up and brought home my wonderful new stove.  Accidents happen and after all in the whole realm of things a stove is not something to lose friends or husbands over.  Really folks when I get home to heaven I will not care about some dumb stove.  Also I love my husband and these dear friends more than they will every know this side of heaven. 

NOW THE COMPANY from which we bought the stove VERY UPSET WITH.  You see I felt how they packaged the stove was less than adiquate.  Call me silly, but I was sure that they would pack the box with strophome or bubble wrap, but oh no they only had two little pieces of cardboard in the corners.  Now if this company would have simply said no we cannot help you I would have been disappointed and not shopped at that store again.  This store, however did not end the conversation there, they proceeded to tell me if I would have just said that I opened the box and found the stove in the condition that I had found it in they would have replaced the whole stove.  That is when I informed them that, that would be a lie.  So you will help me if I lied to you, but when I tell you the truth my reward from you is a slap in the face.  What message are we really sending people?  STOP REWARDING LIARS AND START LOOKING FOR HONEST PEOPLE.  Government Officials take note. 

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