Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Children and the potty and telephones

Okay, All is quite.  Each child is happily playing in there rooms.  They are totally oblivious to the world around them.  Those blessed little angels are not even aware where mom is nor do they care.  Mom is enjoying the quiet and really getting somethings accomplished.  When all of the sudden she gets a nature call.  She nicely and quietly makes her way to the restroom.  She nicely and quietly shuts the door.  Then it happens the quiet is shattered with " MOMMMMMMMMM".  Oh, come on ladies you have been there.  For some reason a door being closed to them or the telephone ringing our children seem to think that it then and only then when they need your attention 'NOW'.  I truly I think they have something ingrained in them could it be a sense of misplaced humor by someone.  Could it be our mothers have prayed for this day? When sweet revenge is coupled with a satisfaction of "YES, they finally know how it felt."  Well let me just say I finally understand and am sooo sorry Mom, but one question.  How exactly does that help you now?

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Anonymous said...

LOL! This is soo ture! I ALWAYS try to sneak off quietly BUT NOPE.......they ALWAYS seem to find me!