Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Tribute to Granny

The church house stood silent those brief few moments as the preacher asked for a few words about this woman who now lay silent in the casket.  A life time pasted before my eyes and heart as I sat there in that silence.  Her smile seemed to always invite ya to sit a spell and watch the birds or pick up the fishen pole and go down to the pond.  Be sure and watch the first time on how to put a worm on the hook she was only going to show you once.  The old swing that hung from the old tree had been our playmate and friend as long as I could remember.  Now that swing was hanging silent no more babies to play with it.  The old outhouse is no longer there, but I had to stifle a giggle as I looked at that cousin of mine who simply leaned up against it and wouldn't let me out.  The get together of music, cookouts, and fireworks.  Cooking and music filled her life as much as those doilies, afghans, and dolls.  Christmas was one of her favorite holiday seeing smiles and those anxious eyes and ears as they listened for Santa's visit just to Granny's.  Oh, and let us not forget the gift of making a baby feel so sorry for his or herself, poor kid didn't stand a chance there.  Every birthday she sent the night and those next mornings were filled with the smell of coffee and the blaring of the radio (yes even if it was just static).  Make up strune all over the kitchen table.  Yepper buddy.  Yep yepper buddy. 

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