Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our First Scarecrow

Little Jimmy was add to our family yard today.


Renee' said...

Oh that is soooooo what Jacob needs for his garden, WOW you ought to see those things here :(
Can you please describe how you made him :)

Kimberly said...

Hi Renee,

It is so nice to meet you. Where did you hear of my blog? I had to laugh and reread your comment about the scarecrow cause you said "Jacob needs for his garden" My son's name is also Jacob LOL.

I made the scarecrow from a broom handle for the arms and a very small mop. I then duct taped them together. I covered the head with some white scrap fabric, stuffed with wal-mart sacks and more duct tape around the neck. I drew his face on with a Sharpie. Now the hat I sewed on and an old shirt and there you have it.

Again thank you for joining me on Kimberly's Doodles and I hope to see you here again.


Renee' said...

LOL Jacobs poor tiny scarecrows about to float away with all this rain rofl.

Renee' said...

I founbd your blog through another blog lol.
Cool about being both Jacobs :)
Cool when ever the rain stops lol we will have to give this a try lol.
rofl the tiny one we stuck in garden is probably screaming help me lol it is surrounded with water lol

Renee' said...

ohoh rofl My Blessed Home is where I followered you from lol