Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chicken Killen day and I learned WHAT!

We started out with 34 chickens.  These will look very nice in the freezer.  We did 24 of them the first Saturday in June, with some help from friends and family.  The last 10 were done the following Saturday by just Dennis, Jacob and I.

Some preferred their pictures not be shown here but they were truly a blessing to us for all their help and love.

Our chicken defeatherers.

The chopping block gruesome but a way of life.

I learned how to gut and cut up my first chicken.  One down and how many more?!

Of course if you opted out of helping with the chickens you had to clean the house.  Thank you ms. Bessielyn that really helped mama also.

Again thanks to those other ladies and gentleman who did not wish to be put on the blog.  Love and prayers always.

P.S. one of next years helpers

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