Thursday, April 2, 2015

Journeying Through Life

I have decided to start writing about some of the lessons that I have learned in my going on 18 years of marriage.  Yes, I know that there are several more qualified to blog on this and yes I am still learning.  That is basically what life is about a journey of learning.  I will start by saying that when I was first married I was living a lie.  I was to everyone who saw me a God fearing, born again child of God.  I did everything from sing specials and work with kids and lead others to the saving knowledge of Christ.  I walked it, I talked it but, in my heart I knew the truth I was lost.  If I would have died then I would have been one of those crying "Lord, Lord did I not do all this in your name"  I felt that salvation was not as easy as everyone made it out to be I had to do something.  The Lord finally reached my wicked, evil heart.  It took a combination of several things, but to sum it all up I looked in God's mirror of the fruit of the spirit and I then could no longer fool myself.  I WAS LOST and there is only ONE WAY TO HEAVEN.  I gave my whole heart to Him and Kimberly did NOTHING to deserve it or earn it.  So I was now a saved wife and mother of two.  In all this I found I had been one of those wives that torn down her house and did nothing to build it up.  I had become a nagging, argumentative, incontinent, hateful wife and mother.  

As journey's go I have recently been watching preaching DVDs on submission and anger by S.M. Davis.  I am thinking to myself where were these back when I was a new wife and mother.  When I watched the first one on anger the devil comes to my mind and say well you already ruined your kids, they are too old for you to now turn them around.  Why you have teens (16 & 17)!  This is a big lie straight from the mouth of Satan!  While yes I messed up and raised them in anger I have asked for forgiveness and now am pleading mercy on this case and God can and will make beauty and glory come from this.  All I must do is retrain myself and my children and let God work within my life and my children's life.  Have I seen fruit?  Yes!  OH YES!  Do I see some falling?  Yes!  Does that mean to give up?  NO

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