Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Queen, How are your presenting yourself before your king?

Today in Titus 2 Talk I have posed a question to you.  How are you presenting yourself before your king?  Esther 5:1 " Now it came to pass on the third day, that Esther put on her royal apparel, and stood in the inner court of the king's house..."  Esther prepared yourself before she went to see her king.  She wanted to win his favour, the favour of her husband.  Are you trying to win the favor of your husband. 
After a hard day of being out in the world our husbands need to come home to the beauty of the bride he married.  We need to prepare our selves physically for our husbands, like we did when we were  trying to win him.  Put on nice clothes, do your hair and make-up for him and smell pretty for him.  When we would go out on a date with him we would never let him see us in old sweatpants, old ratty t-shirt, hair and make-up undone.  No, we made an effort to look our best.  What changed?  Just because we said I do nothing changed he is now our husband and we should, if anything work on it more.  We need to now keep his heart, now that we have won it.  Proverbs 31:11 says "The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil."  Whether we want to admit it or not there are other women out in that world who are out for our man.  There are temptations out there that are wanting to draw him away from us and lure him into spoil.  These strange woman use flattery and praise as their weapons of alure.  Proverbs 5:3 "For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil:"  Dear christian wife it would do you well to read about the strange woman in proverbs and learn as Esther did the way to present yourself before your husband so that he will have no need for spoil.  So ladies just because our office is now home we need to make an effort to look attractive for our husbands and learn to build him up instead of tearing him down.  Make him feel that he is still the king in your eyes as Sarah said Abraham calling him lord.

Titus 2 Talk

P.S. ~ Some of you ladies may no longer have a husband then what?  In Proverbs 31:1 "The words of king Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him."  The person who is speaking is the mother of king Lemuel, who is teaching her son what to look for in a wife.  Our sons and daughters need you to be the example.  They too need to be taught the lesson of Esther. 

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