Saturday, June 11, 2016

Laundromat Adventure

 Today we had our first adventure in a laundromat.  I once read something to the affect that joy is a choice, smiling is a choice, how you respond in a situation is a choice.  This is something I have been working on lately and boy is it so true.  I could have been frustrated since I have not been in a laundromat since the teens were very young.  I could have taken out my frustration on them and everyone around me and been a bad example, but I chose joy and to respond in joy to this relearning for me and another teachable opportunity for them.  First we had an issue with the dollar exchange, I put the dollar in expecting four quarters in return.  When I only got one coin back and I thought that is odd and not right.  Now Erica tried to explain then that it wasn't a quarter, but I walked off before she could explain, yep I ignored her, I shouldn't have cause she was right it was a $1 coin.  In a way I am glad that I did speak to the man in charge of the laundromat/dry cleaners since he was able to tell me how much it would cost to dry clean a coat of mine and I was able to get a dry cleaning price sheet.  So, first oops down second one was figuring out the white washing machines since it would not start of course it might have helped if I would have pushed the coins all the way in and pulled out the coin slots, but again relearning.  Jacob and Erica thought it was a totally neat and different experience.  We even got to visit with an old friend from one of our old churches which was neat.  We then got witnessed to, yep you heard me right we got witnessed too, by an older gentleman who asked if I was a Pentecostal due to my skirt and due to the hot weather I had my hair up in a clip.  Of course I explained kindly that I was baptist.  But you know that got me to thinking, many christians just assume that if someone says their a christian or that they seem to dress and act right they must be a christian.  Well, let me be one to stand up and say you should never, ever assume.  You see I was exactly that way I walked, talked, and dressed as a christian should since I was twelve years old.  I taught Sunday School, I went out door knocking (since our Pastor was a very very wise man he made sure us girls went to where he knew the people mainly the nursing home and to the children in our Sunday school classes, every week we went).  I could quote the bible better then most, but I was still lost, I still thought salvation could not be that easy, there must be something I had to do.  So from 12 till my thirties if I would have died I would have gone to a sinners hell.  I was unsaved pretending to be saved.  Never, I can never stress this enough never assume someone is saved and treat them differently.  Jesus treated all people with the same compassion and love.  He let them come to Him, He still was a living witness where ever He went, which is what we should do.  I hope our paths cross again and I am sure they will, I pray the Lord may open a door of utterance.  

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