Tuesday, March 12, 2013

From the Heart

Ok folks I never, never meant to offend anyone.  I was stating my opinion and if you look I did say that these are some of the reasons I Kimberly M. Olinger homeschool.  It is called a blog for such a reason.  (I will be reposting my disclaimer again here in a min.)  I reread what I wrote (and note to self need to spell check better).  Just like others are entitled to their opinion and they say it quit alot on facebook.  I am entitled to mine.  I was not meaning to down people who send their children to public school, however my experience is just that mine and thus have formed my OPINION.  Not just the government is aloud to share their OPINIONS.  I am allowed to you.  Also this could open up some much important and very health questions about homeschooling vs. public school.  Never once have I said you are sending your kids to hell in that blog and never once have I called out those who do or don't.  Why you might ask cause that would be wrong.  Very wrong.  Again I am very sorry that I have offended anyone that was NOT my intent.  My intent was to blog and share my thoughts, my feelings, and what I have found in the bible.  My path will not and should not look like yours, nor should your path look like mine.  If you are a born again christian then we are on the same narrow road, however our paths will look different.  Some are one the mountains, while others are on the smaller hills, and yet others are on the deep valleys.  If my post have spoken to some hearts that were wondering about homeschooling vs. public I shared what I thought, what I have learned from the bible, where my path has lead me.  Now listen carefully to what I am about to say next.  Satan wants me to be silent, he wants me to fail, he wants me to SHUT UP!!!!  Those who know me, know  I will NOT back down.  I want you to share in my journey.  Nowhere does it ever say we are ALWAYS going to agree and I have learned that is ok.  Accept people where they are at and learn to still walk along.  Who knows maybe I'll learn something from you and maybe you'll learn something about me.  I am just sharing my journey NOT JUDGING.  By the way, why is it ok for you to voice your opinions and me not to voice mine.  Answer I have a right to speak mine just like you voice yours.  Would we even being having this conversation if I would have said I like blue while you may HATE blue and LOVE purple?  Of course not cause it is sharing a difference of opinion.  I hope this has cleared this up.  I am going to be sharing later some other things I have been learning so I hope to see you around.

Matthew 5:23 "Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath aught against thee;  Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift."

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