Thursday, March 14, 2013

Schooling Options

There are several options when deciding on your child(ren)s educational future.  The steps that my hubby and I  used to reach our decisions are the following.   First we listed our options as I have done below.  Then we prayed and sought God's will in our lives.  In searching for God's will, we sought scripture and again prayed, prayed and prayed.

Option #1 Public School

Defined as - a school that is maintained at public expense for the education of the children of a community or district and that constitutes a part of a system of free public education commonly including primary and secondary schools.

Public schools are funded through and ran by government.  Most of the expenses are paid through taxes.

Option #2 Private School

Defined as - a school supported by a private organization or private individuals rather that by the government

Private schools are usually are christian ran and are paid by the parents through fees.

Option # 3 Homeschooling 

Defined as - teaching ones child(ren) at home.  

Parents are totally responsible for the teaching and the choosing and paying for of curriculum

Option # 4 Un-schooling

Defined as - a home-school education with the child taking the primary responsibility instead of a parent or teacher; also called child-directed learning, self-learning.

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